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I started out as Beginner with the DMX Dance Company in 2004. I was thoroughly impressed by the skill level of the teachers, as well as the students, but I was more impressed with the level of patience the teachers possessed when working with the students. Some of the most important aspects I learned while taking classes with the company include the history behind the dance, learning to dance to the music and not the count, and following any partner with ease. Dancing with Dave Maxx gave me the confidence to dance with experienced dancers that I would have never had the courage to dance with and to even get up on a large stage and compete. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, along with the great music and fun keep me coming back to brush up on my skills, as well as network with new students. Whether you are looking to add a new dance skill to your repertoire or simply looking for something fun and exciting to add to your leisure activities, Chicago Stepping/Soul Swing with the DMX Dance Company is something I highly recommend!
Kesha D.
Chicago, IL
I have started taking lessons from Dave and his company going on 6 years now and I can say that his classes are awesome. While he does teach the sexy and fancy side of steppin’, the fundamentals are what have made me a strong dancer. Anywhere I go, people compliment my instructor. And even though I haven’t been consistent in my lessons, the fundamentals I learned are ingrained in each of my steps. His class is absolutely worth the money!!
LaQuesha M.
Chicago, IL
I truly learned to dance working with Dave. His teaching method is easy to pick up and I always felt like I was making progress instead of counting steps. Loved the class, the atmosphere, professionalism and his humorous personality 🙂
All for a very affordable price by the way 🙂
Eunice S.
Schererville, IN
I love the class. I am taking the level 100, beginners Stepping class and it’s great. Dave Maxx is an excellent instructor. He makes class fun and he is very patient. If there were more stars to give I would give more. I will definitely be taking more classes with Dave Maxx. Highly recommended!!!
Shaneshia B.
Mokena, IL
Phenomenal Steppers class! Not all classes teach flow and follow through…most only focus on technique. DMX dance company taught technique first and then flow. Two very different things and when a person dances with only one of the two it looks forced or overly flashy. Every single time I dance I get inquiries about my teacher. I was taught to enjoy the dance, to enjoy my dance partner and the music! Plus love the organization and professionalism of how class is ran. If ya gonna learn, learn the right way!
Eyenoticed K.
Chicago, IL
Dave Maxx…Mr. Stepper Extraordinare gave a great class at the 2015 United We Dance Reunion. He showed us the true fundamentals of the basics in the art of Steppin…that’s it’s all about the beat….not numbers!!!
I believe everyone had that “Ahh hah” lightbulb moment when he was done with us
Karla W.
Dolton, IL