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Detroit Social

Social Dance Styles

At DMX Dance Company, we specialize in Chicago Steppin and offer other styles of social dance sure to provide an exciting dance experience.

Detroit Ballroom 1.1

Learn to dance the style of the Graystone Ballroom!

Detroit, a city known for its contributions to music and dance, birthed the vibrant Detroit Ballroom Dance. Evolving from the Motown era, this dance style was celebrated in ballrooms and nightclubs. The dance combines energetic footwork with smooth partner connections, embodying the rich musical heritage of the city. Detroit Ballroom Dance is not only a testament to the city’s creativity but also a reflection of the community’s determination to thrive through artistic expression.

Join Us for a Fun Dance Experience, and learn to move to the music. Whether you’re a novice or want to brush off your dancing shoes, if you enjoy dancing chic, sophisticated venues and want to become a savvy dancer you’ve come to the right place.

Choose your dance style then call DMX Dance Company (312)219-2020 to get started. Glide into one of our classes, find your rhythm and enjoy becoming a savvy dancer.