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Chicago Steppin

Social Dance Styles

At DMX Dance Company, we specialize in Chicago Steppin and offer other styles of social dance sure to provide an exciting dance experience.


An Artistic Expression of African American Elegance!

On the heels of the 1950’s Chicago-style Swing Dance, The Bop…In the 1970s, Chicago gave birth to a new expression of the unique partner dance style, the New Bop or as it is more commonly known, Chicago Steppin’. Rooted in African American communities, this dance evolved from the Swing era and with influences from the Soul Train line dances to the mean footwork of the GodFather of Soul. Chicago Steppin’ is characterized by its smooth glides, intricate footwork, and elegant partner connections. It has become a symbol of urban sophistication and unity, reflecting the resilience of the community during challenging times. Steppin’ clubs and competitions have kept this dance vibrant, showcasing its fusion of elegance and rhythm.

Join Us for a Fun Dance Experience, and learn to move to the music. Whether you’re a novice or want to brush off your dancing shoes, if you enjoy dancing chic, sophisticated venues and want to become a savvy dancer you’ve come to the right place.

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