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New York Mambo

Social Dance Styles

At DMX Dance Company, we specialize in Chicago Steppin and offer other styles of social dance sure to provide an exciting dance experience.


Learn the Moves of Latin Rhythm with On2 Mambo!

Mambo is one of the Latin ballroom dances, which originated in Cuba. It is characterized by the exciting energy and enticing rhythms, which draws eyes and allows for a lot of fun for the dancers. Additionally, the Mambo is flirty and sensual.

It originated in the areas of Haitian settlements in Cuba. Many sources claim that the dance was named after Haitian voodoo priests (called “Mambo”) who served the villagers as healers and spiritual advisors. Mambo was also a word used for their drums that were used in rituals. Other sources say that the word was used to mean “shake it” or “a conversation with the Gods.”


Join Us for a Fun Dance Experience, and learn to move to the music. Whether you’re a novice or want to brush off your dancing shoes, if you enjoy dancing chic, sophisticated venues and want to become a savvy dancer you’ve come to the right place.

Choose your dance style then call DMX Dance Company (312)219-2020 to get started. Glide into one of our classes, find your rhythm and enjoy becoming a savvy dancer.