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Harlem Swing

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Learn to Dance to the Swing of Jazz!

The iconic neighborhood of Harlem in New York City became a melting pot of cultural exchange during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. Here, African American communities celebrated music and dance in vibrant nightclubs and ballrooms.

Harlem or East Coast Swing was developed in 1940’s as a derivative from the Lindy Hop. East Coast Swing is a type of Rhythm Dance that has a long history and it is also one the best swing dances, as it is an entertaining, fun, upbeat, non progressive and versatile dance distinguished by its “swing hip action” It consists of 8 basic steps over 6 counts, triple step, triple step, rock step. It is characterized by a distinctive elastic look that comes from its basic extension and compression technique of partner connection. It favors improvisation.

Harlem Swing can also be incorporated into the Lindy Hop, with moves switching between the two styles, as Lindy Hop simply adds an additional two steps depending on the movement executed. The East Coast Swing can be danced to about any speed of music, and it’s influence can be seen within the movements of many of the regional swing-style dances across the country.

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