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Let us teach you to have FUN dancing, the easy way!

Why DMX Dance Company?

Imagine. You walk into the venue looking good, feeling even better. You greet friends and make your way to the dance floor. As you move, stress falls away; each step, sway and turn a unique expression of you. You’re gliding, smiling, enjoying every moment. All eyes are on you, for all the right reasons because the way you groove is more than just choreography over music. It’s like your body is speaking its own language. The music a backdrop, the dance floor your sanctuary of personal expression, you move with confidence, style and grace. Without uttering a single word, you say “I am here to dance.” – not sure if you like this but if you do, keep it otherwise, the text below is what we’d use.

Immerse yourself in the world of dance whether you want to learn a new hobby, socialize with other young professionals or prepare for your special day. Enjoy dancing no matter your skill level or your preferred style of expression.

Socialize in upscale venues and learn to dance from day one; no memorization or complicated choreography involved.

Connect to the music, move your body and find your rhythm with DMX Dance Company.

Our Social Dance Style Register

At DMX Dance Company, we specialize in Chicago Steppin and offer other styles of social dance sure to provide an exciting dance experience.


Move Your Body!

Choose the dance style and learn to move to the music. Whether you’re a novice or want to brush off your dancing shoes, if you enjoy dancing chic, sophisticated venues and want to become a savvy dancer you’ve come to the right place.

Simply choose your dance style then call DMX Dance Company (312)219-2020 to get started. Remember to mention our one-time offer for new students. Glide into one of our classes, find your rhythm and enjoy becoming a savvy dancer.

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What is Social Dance?

Express yourself

Social dance is a fun way to mix it up with other young professionals, shrug away everyday stress and enjoy some of the finest venues in the Chicagoland area. At DMX Dance Company, we don’t do basic. 

The DMX Dance Method

Who we are

Making you look and feel fabulous on the dance floor is exactly what we do best. No matter your skill level, we show you how to infuse the dance with your own style to create a memorable experience every time.

The History of Social Dance

Our Culture & Tradition

The DMX Dance Method is all about training you to use your natural rhythm so you can connect with the music, relate to your dance partner, and move your body to create your signature style on the dance floor.

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