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DMX Dance Company Class Sessions operate on a monthly calendar membership basis.

Class Terms & Policy:

  1. – Each Class Membership includes 3 consecutive sessions within a calendar month, after which the Member receives a bonus 4th session (Bonus Week), for that calendar month. Bonus sessions do not accumulate, and do not roll-over to any other months. This means if you miss the bonus for a month you do not get to redeem it for a future month.
  2. – One make-up session is allowed per calendar month. If a Member misses one of their 3 regular sessions, it may be made up on the remaining week within the calendar month, or that make-up session is forfeited.
  3. – Class Memberships are for the scheduled class day & time slot. Members are not allowed to switch between days and times.
  4. – Members are allowed to register for multiple class days & times, see “Double-Day” Memberships, but be advised that each membership is managed separately, and are treated a single memberships.
  5. – Class Sessions will begin at the time scheduled. All participants are expected to be on-time. Members will only be allowed entry at the beginning of class. Once the Studio door is closed, late participants will be allowed access in 15-minute intervals after the start of the class session. This also means that even if you enter at 45 minute mark that counts as a full session.
  6. – Drop-in visits, observing guests, additional partners, helpers, etc. will not be allowed access to the class session. This means that anyone in the studio during class must pay.
  7. – On those months where a 5th Calendar day exists for an assigned Class Day, for instance…there are 5 Thursdays in a month; The first three Thursdays are the regular class sessions, the 4th Thursday would be the Bonus/Make-Up Thursday, and the 5th Thursday would be a “Special Rate” Thursday for Members. Drop-in “Day” Members would be allowed at the regular Drop-in rate

Current Membership Rates:

DMX Dance Company membership….
Calendar Month membership – $87

  • Membership is either for Thursday Session, or Saturday Session.
  • Membership includes 3 sessions per the calendar month, and one bonus session )
  • One make-up session per month, which will be the bonus session
  • Bonus Sessions & Make-up Sessions do not roll over, and are Only applicable in the same calendar month.

Double-Day Membership (Thursday & Saturday Participation) – $160
-The class policy is the same as the regular monthly membership, but the client has two single memberships

Daily Drop-in Class Session – $30

What if I have further questions on Class Policies?

Please contact us via email at or send us a text to schedule a call at (312) 810-2009